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Simple charisma test: what makes you a leader

Posted in Management, team building, workplace by Ahmed Siddiqui on February 14, 2010

If  you have assigned a leadership role where you are responsible for the performance of couple of people, this simple checklist may help you.

If the following checklist returns positive results, it seems you are going to enjoy your leadership role otherwise you may gonna lose your respect.


1.   You consider yourself responsible for the performance of your team members
2.   You are eager to know what they think about you
3.   You are eager to know and ask frequently if they are comfortable with the task or role
4.   You are eager to listen their suggestions and opinions
5.   You are able to avoid favoritism based on personal likeness
6.   You support instead of compete with your team members
7.   You insure that they have enough knowledge of the task before expecting any outcome
8.   You are well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of every single member
9.   You are well aware of the need hierarchy of every single member
10. You are not scared of their capabilities and/or performance
11.  You don’t want them to consider you as always-right
12.  You are eager to learn from your team members
13.  You always appreciate their efforts regardless if failure occurs
14.  You share the credit with the team
15.  You are able to see if any team member exploiting others or spoiling the team environments
16.  You take your team’s opinion before taking any decision
17.  You show your trust on them, avoiding unnecessary questions & letting them taking initiatives
18.  You keep your eye upon them but avoid annoying micro-management



Take the lead

Posted in Uncategorized by Ahmed Siddiqui on February 14, 2010

At the end of two years in revolutionary efforts like team building, strategy aligning, building a technical architecture and an efficient and simple programming platform we could come out of the state of deficiency and chaos, which is a norm of industry like ours (immature and subject to change) and people like us (developed by 3rd world’s education system). Fortunately, I had couple of people who were honest with their profession and people. They were just seeking for couple of cheap but rare organizational attributes like direction and appreciation.

Unfortunately, the senior and seasoned people in organizations usually do not realize that a fresh employee is just like a newly born baby. You can shape her according to your needs but you have to treat. These freshies do spare enthusiasm and passion but they lack direction and orientation. The assumption that they’ll start performing like their peers from the very first day, is nothing but a fool’s fantasy. Your team or organizations is like a moving bus whatever the speed is but these new passengers have to set their speed and you have to set their direction before they can jump into the moving bus.